PWA Freestyle Lanzarote 2010 - day 04


Nervous and a little sceptic the riders came to the Skippersmeeting of the last day at Costa Teguise, the last day of the 2010 PWA Freestyle Lanzarote. A full day of wind was necessary to finish the finals of the first Single Elimination and to run the entire Double Elimination as well. Especially Taty Frans would need the Loosersround to make his way back up to the Top. Also the Ladies hoped for many wind hours to proof their skills and make more events in 2011 possible. The PWA Lanzarote 2010 is the only Ladies Freestyle of the year and so became kind of Worldchampionchips.

The wind forecasts predicted some better wind for the day but still not ideal, so it was up to the Spot of Las Cucharas to surprise the Riders and the PWA Crew. Skippersmeeting again was held at 9.30 in the morning with a first possible start at 10.00 a.m. . The first Heat would be the women Final between Yoli de Brendt and Sara Quita and so it came. At ten in the morning straight The girls went into their first Moves. Yoli de Brendt started with some Spocks and Clew first Puneta and than she landed a massive Shaka followed by Flaka which made her leading the Final before Sara Quita took the win with her Double Flaka and one handed Switch Chachoo in the end. Now it was time for the final Estredo vs Thode, the crowds have already got used to those two fighting it out in the Final and once again it was Estredo who could take the win while both sailors were performing some amazing technical tricks and air double moves. Alread for the loosers final the wind dropped once again and the competition again was set on hold. it took until late afternoon, when everybody thought already about packing their stuff, when the wind kicked back in and the double elimination was started....  also this time the wind didn´t want to last too long before the competition was called off and the Pricegiving ceremony and Party could start in the Sands Beach Village 


Men Top Three

1. Gollito Estredo

2. Kiri Thode

3. Tonky Frans


Women Top Three

1. Sara Quita

2. Yoli de Brendt

3. Laure Treboux

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