PWA Freestyle Lanzarote 2010 - day 3


Halftime at the 2010 PWA Lanzarote Freestyle Worldcup. So far only the first Single Elimination could be started and finished until the final Heats, which were up to come first at this day 3 of the Competition. After two very sunny and hot days, the sky appeared covered in clowds this morning, which actually is a sign for better winds, as the wind usually picks up strongly as soon as the clowds disappear around midday. Anyways the Skippersmeeting has been scheduled for 9.30 in the morning with a first possible start at ten o´clock, to take all chances. Time is getting tight for a possible double elimination and a possibly second round. First up on the water today would be Phily Soltysiak vs Kiri Thode and Gollito Estredo vs Tonky Frans followed by the ladies loosers final with Laure Treboux against Junko Nagoshi and the final between Sara Quita and Yoli de Brendt.

Unluckily the wind didn´t want to play game at day three either. Clowdy skies and no wind, that meant the Brasilian and dutch fraction started to warm up for the Football Worldchampionchips Match between their countries which should be shown in the Chill Out Area of the Competition tent. Some sad Brasilians and pretty happy dutch could see after the match that suddenly at late afternoon the wind picked up quickly and the PWA Organisation decided to start as fast as possible with the Heats and only minutes later the Semi Final of the men was on. It became a very difficult Heat in very gusty conditions and Gollito Estredo and Kiri Thode did their Job best and advanced into the final. Right after the Ladies Final started in even less wind. Somehow Yoli de Brendt managed to perform a Shaka, Flaka and some Spocks while Sara Quita spent her time trying to find a gust. The Heat was cancelled and better it was, no fair Windsurfing was possible here. After also cancelling the men final and the women final for a second time, Head Judge Duncan Combs decided to finish the day and put all hope into the last day of the Competition.

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