PWA Freestyle Lanzarote 2010 - Day 02

All eyes were focussed onto the wind forecasts for day 2 of the 2001 PWA Lanzarote Worldcup, after day one had not provided the conditions necessary for a fair Competition. Forecasts didn´t tell any good and so started the day. With low winds from various directions and lots of sun until in the afternoon, when nobody really believed in a competition at day two either, the wind started to blow and within 20 minutes the first Heats were started. The first big surprise came already in the first round, when top favourite and actual Tourleader Taty Frans was kicked out by Björn Saragoza, while the other favourites as Steven van Broekhoven, Tonky Frans, Kiri Thode and Gollito Estredo had no major problem to advance into the next rounds and up into the semi final. Only Steven van Broekhoven lost his very close Heat for the Semi Final with Tonky Frans. Big surprise of the day has been Canadian Phil Soltysiak, who kicked out Local Antxon Otagui and than Bonaire Kid Björn Saragoza to now face Kiri Thode in the Semi Final, while Gollito Estredo, who has been the man of the day, scoring some ten´s by the Judges, will face Tonky Frans.

At the girls fleet most probably the Top Ladies among Junko Nagoshi, Laure Treboux and Yoli de Brendt would fight for the second place only, since Sara Quita seems to be unbeatable once again. It has been Yoli de Brendt who managed to really proved her skills and made her way up to the final against Quita. Unluckily the wind died down right for the final Heats which had to be postponed to day 3.

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