PWA Freestyle Worldcup - Fuerteventura 2010


Day 01 - Time for Freestyle, the newest discipline of the PWA Worldtour with the young talents of the windsurfing worlds showing their skills not only on Flatwater. The fast body - sail - board rotations into the wind and off the wind are realized on flat water same as in waves and in the. That´s Freestyle Windsurfing in 2010, double and tripple rotations and above all mostly realized in the air. Master of Freestyle is three times Worldchampion Gollito Estredo, who sets the pace once again in 2010, followed by Kiri thode, Tonky and Taty Frans and belgium Steven van Broekhoven. The first day of the Competition started with very light winds and a very long waiting period before the wind finally kicked in in the late afternoon for the first Heats of the Single Elimination. But quickly the Competition was set on hold again due to the very light and shifting winds and a very good wind forecast for the next days

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