Hauling winds, flying sand and super Flat water. That was the setup for Freestyle day number one at the 2009 PWA Freestyle Worldcup at Fuerteventura. Easy Heats in the first rounds for the Top guys, that is history, the Level is so high and close, no time to relax. The first guy who had to feel that was Taty Frans who has been kicked out in the first round and also Kiri Thode has been pretty lucky in his Heat against Björn Saragossa. Worldchampion Estredo, ex Worldchampion Browne and also Tonky Frans instead were on fire from the beginning and left their opponents not the slightest Chance. So the semifinal became a common one, Thode vs Browne and Estredo vs Tonky Frans. Browne hammered some unbelievable powerful Moves in the Air and on the water to advance vs Thode while Estredo and Frans had an insane battle, with sick Airmoves and even Pushloops over the Mini Shorebreak. In the end it was Estredo who went into the Final where he also left no chance to Brawzinho and won the first Single Elimination of the Contest.

No surprise in the women fleet, when it´s about Sara Quita. The actual Worldchampion indeed is sailing in a different world, with super high Airflakas, Double Punetas and Spocks, one handed Ponch and Shove it Spocks. But yes surprisingly how the Moreno Twins improved their Freestyle once again. Daida managed to come on second with radical Goiters, Switch moves and Flaka Cana Brava, butr also Iballa performed more than just good with great clew first Goiter, Airflaka and radical Spocks. The Twins could only be separated by Yoli de Brendt, who managed to win the battle for third Place against Iballa Moreno.

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