PKRA Kiteboarding Worldcup


For the first time the Fuerteventura Grand Slam Worldcup starts with the Kiteboarding Freestyle and Kiteloop Contest. The first day provided the Sailors with really sick and hard conditions. windspeed of more than 40 knots in the gusts let the Sailors crash more than the liked to, only Youri Zoun and especially Aaron Hadlow manage to perform a great show. Hadlow just jumped the sickest Kiteloop of the first day with perfectly easy landing, showing why he is the Worldchampion.

Already at day 2 the big upsad came for Hadlow, warming up before the semifinal with another great performance, he didn´t find the right gusts to shoot himself into the sky in his heat against dutch Youri Zoun. Zoun rotated and kitelooped on fire and became responsable for the big surprise, by winning vs Hadlow to go into the Final against the other dutch man Kevin Langeree. Langeree was just too strong in the Final while Zoun couldn´t repeat his semifinal performance. The Double Elimination could still change the rankings

First it was spanish Cesar Portas who showed he was up to fight for the podium place. With some great performances he indeed managed to go up the ladder, until Hadlow was waiting for him. The Worldchampion promissed to be back on Top after the Double Elimination. Not only simple words, he kicked out Portas and than Zoun to go into the big final vs Langeree. In this Final Hadlow showed why he is dominating the Kitesurf Freestyle for ages. Two great Finals and he was back on the Top Step of the Podium, with Langeree in second and Zoun in third.

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