Delayed Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

It´s already 2013 ....  somehow it all almost went too fast ....  couldn´t believe how quick we have been in the middle of all that christmas celebrations, fireworks, parties....  the time flew by ultimately....  

An here i am writing my first post in 2013.....  with my arm a little tired as every single day in 2013 has been windy so far...  and the wind is just increasing all the time plus we have had some awsome SUP Sessions before new years eve in the north west of the Island...  clean glassy well over head high waves rolling in ...  amazing.....

now i´m back on my Windsurfer every day, filming for some tuiton clips and enjoying the time on the water....  even if some more waves or ramps would make it more fun but anyhow i don´t complain.....  just cross fingers that this season will go on like that.....


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