Trip through Greece

Back from Greece - two Camps - two Islands with Kos and Samos....  two very nice weeks surrounded by great people and enjoying greek atmosphere and for the first time the beauty of Samos....  with a little difficult trip from Kos to Samos....  Both Islands are located very close to the turkish mainland and normally a 3,5 hours ferry ride apart....  normally.. in our case the Meltemi started o blow a bit too hard for the Hydrofoil Ferry, the flying Dolphin...  not so much of flying....  we had to choose a safe optin to get to Samos on time... in this case that meant a 12 hours Ferry ride to Athens, a full day at Piräus port in Athens before getting back almost all the way...  on a bit slower ferry, this time 14 hours on rough sea...  enough to arrive seasick.....  the first two three days just anything was spinning around me....  weird feeling....  but it was also another nice and new experience and for me that is part of why a love to travel still...... Now it´s time to orgaize our 2013 Camps, most dates are already online now at

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    Juicer Review (Dienstag, 23 April 2013 12:38)

    This is a great blog post! Thank you for sharing with us!

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