uppps it happened again....

it happened again 


- that windforecasts predict 23 - 24 or more knots and we get not even half of it

- waveforecast looks amazing and it´s deadflat

- it rains hard in the morning - than sun - shaky low winds and rain again


but what really accelerated  my pulse was that AGAIN i was hit full power by a Kite, with my ankles, arms and shoulder wrapped up in the lines and the Kiter telling me not to deinflate his kite, of course, once my feet and hands fell off he could continue sailing, sorry that i did not understand that right away on the water....  well...  at least this Kitebeginner had a nice swim session back to the beach (wasn´t really far but hopefully gave him enough time to think) And indeed his excuse was that he was still a Beginner.... so.....  what the he....  has a Kite Beginner to do in the middle of hundreds of Windsurfers , swimmers and Kids when there are soo many Kiteareas with supervision boats etc upwind and downwind of the Windsurfers..... ???????????????  It happens more and more again that people start to learn with their own gear upwind of the windsurfers to bodydrag through all the people, land the Kite onto the people at the beach, grab the stuff, walk upwind and repeat that story.... over and over again...  Smart ???????  


It sounds pretty angry, well, I was pretty angry, but mostly about the fact that I know how to Kitesurf and to keep the Kite on the water to not hurt myself even more...  but what if it woudl have happened to another Windsurfer who doesn´t know how to handle a Kite...  really don´t like to think about that and i won´t , since it seems that those guys don´t bother about too much either.... But some people should really start to rethink about making the Beach safer, it is highseason with many Windsurfers, Kitesurfers and Swimmers plus crowded Beaches........

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    Vojtišek (Donnerstag, 05 Juli 2012 04:52)

    Appreciate your info

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    u=71263 (Donnerstag, 25 April 2013 21:25)

    This article was exactly what I was trying to find!

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