Lucky - lucky - lucky

We just finished our first Fanatic Pro Camp at El Yaque Beach, one reason why I didn´t actualize my Blog in the past two weeks, my focus has been more on the Event, our guests, Video and Foto....

The season so far hasn´t been nothing good, well, better as past year but still i am using my Fanatic Freewave TE 95 and the North Duke 5,4 every time i am on the water, my biggest gear and so far there was no chance to get to the smaller stuff, well, during our Camp in two or three days i could have used 5,0 but not necessarily.

Regarding our Camp, how lucky were we !!!!!

Rain and no wind before and after the Camp and exactly during our Camp pure sunshine and windy 24 hours per day, each day....  But not only because of the conditions it became a really great event, just anything was good, Center, Equipment, Beach, Happy Hour Bars, Dinner Restaurants, BBQ.....  I am crossing fingers already for our next Camp in March to be as good !!!!!

Our Event Video will be online very shortly, so long you can check our Windsurf Camps, Images and more Videos here :

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    u=47385 (Mittwoch, 24 April 2013 10:24)

    This is an excellent write-up! Thanks for sharing with us!

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Just uploaded new pics of the week to