Wind - or surf ??

Today I was just writing the date 11th of January into some mails. 11 days in the new year already. Something has changed in those days....  ???  well, let´s see....  the last day of 2011 I have been Windsurfing and on my SUP Board for a while, in 2012 I had some very nice SUP Sessions already up in the north of our Island with some nice sets of waves, but still i haven´t been once on the water with my windsurfgear....  the windforecasts and some locals are writing about 20 - 25 knots, which are far away from reality at the moment...  The only people on the water are some Kitesurfers with their biggest fly elements, but at least most national tourists have disappeared and the ISland got more empty, less crowded and so of course also the beaches....  it´s nice to see the sand again.....  while we are waiting for some decent windsurf winds, we take the drive to the northerly surf spots as an almost daily routine by now...  also not too bad...  

But surely the wind will be back soon as well and than i´ll have some more windsurfpics for you as well....  so long i am just posting some of my new El Yaque Landscape / Ambience images......

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    u=14136 (Sonntag, 28 April 2013 14:16)

    I shared this on Myspace! My buddies will really enjoy it!

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